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NJMCDirect, an online ticket payment platform to search & pay your NJ traffic/ parking ticket & municipal complaints by logging into official website www.njmcdirect.com. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission ) NJMVC developed the NJMCDirect without physical visit to court or mail in ticket payments. So make the nj ticket payment online on www.njmcdirect.com, so that you need not stand in-front of the court waiting in long queues.

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How can I search your traffic ticket in New Jersey state?

Go to www.njmcdirect.com to search for your New Jersey traffic ticket online & enter the details like Ticket Number, Court ID, Prefix Code (if applicable), Year, and an Additional Search Criteria. The Additional Search Criteria may be the driver licence or licence plate number and click on the search button.  If you do not find your traffic ticket online, you can call 609-421-6100, Court staff can help you find your ticket using your driver’s licence number.

How to Make the NJ Traffic Ticket Payment at www.njmcdirect.com

The Traffic ticket payment can be made online by navigating to Njmcdirect Website, initiated by NJMVC, a government agency to avoid unneccessary long queues infront of court. We shall clearly explain you the payment procedure if you follow our guide carefully step by step.

  • To Make the Ticket Payment Online, Visit the Official Website of NJMCDirect at www.njmcdirect.com.
  • After visiting the Official Website, please select your preferable languages ie., english or español.
Visit the official site : www.njmcdirect.com to make ticket payment online in en español
  • After selecting english or español, users need to fill in the information printed on the ticket.
  • Be sure that Internet connection is good enough to begin the process.
  • If your internet connection is slow, please click on the “Load accessibility Friendly Version” link.
  • Then enter the following information printed on your traffic ticket.
    • Court-ID
    • Ticket Number
    • Prefix code
    • Licence Plate
    • Driver’s Licence
    • After entering the ticket information, Tap on “Search” button for checking your traffic ticket details.
    • Then Payable outstanding ticket amount is displayed on the screen.
    • To Pay the total outstanding ticket amount using any credit/debit card
    • Using the credit/debit card, Payment plans can be arranged.

3%  Processing fee is charged by NJMCDirect, the NJ ticket payment platform to meet with costs when processing the customers settlements

Court ID : Each Country has a different and unique 4-digit numerical Court-ID/Name which can be found in the full list from here

Example: Jersey City Court ID is 0906 

Prefix Code : Prefix Code could be entered based on your location which is optional. (varies with New Jersey Municipal Court).

Ticket number : Number is printed on your ticket ( paper notice ) under your car wiper kept by the traffic police 

Licence Plate Number : Your vehicle must be registered to have the NJ licence plate number. If you don’t have registration, get your licence plate now.

The NJMCDirect charges 3% processing fee for online ticket settlements from customers. The amount of processing fees charged by platform for ticket payments depends on various factors such as mode of ticket payment, type of payment (reward, business, corporate, etc.), and the pricing model preferred by specific reparation processors. To cover the customer transactions expenses, the ticket payment platform applies a 3% processing fee, which is referred to as the transaction fee.

NJMCDirect Payment Hours

Njmcdirect is open to receive online ticket payments between 7:30 AM. to 11:45 PM Monday to Thursday. On Friday the hours of bill payment differ from 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM. On Saturdays, it is open from 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM, and on Sundays, the operating hours are 1:00 AM to 11:45 PM. Only during the billing hours, you can access the njmcdirect web address : www.njmcdirect.com & type the nj ticket particulars like Ticket number, Court’s ID, Prefix Code (if applicable), Year, and Select Additional Search Criteria & hit on the “Search”.

These holiday closures are in observance of major holidays when the billing hours are not open even on monday to friday, court staff and services are unavailable on holidays. Here are the major holidays closures : New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This is flexible & convinient because

However, being aware of the holiday schedule can help ensure that your nj ticket payment are made.

Traffic Violations are classified into 2 types majorly Moving and Non-moving Violations:  Moving Violations are caused when the vehicle owners committed the traffic offence while driving or vehicle is moving without following the traffic guidelines. Common moving violations include: speeding, running a stop sign, driving under the influence and running a red light in the NJ. Similarly Non-moving is committed where the vehicle is still positioned and violations include things like: parking tickets, and faulty vehicle equipment violations (for example, having a headlight out).

When compared to non-moving violations, moving violations could be serious offence because vehicle owners who doesn’t have control on their car drive by crossing their speed limits which is not safe for pedestrians, other drivers as well as passengers in the same car.

If the vehicle owner has committed either moving or moving violation, New Jersey State Court follows the court procedures to avoid a court appearance requirement by pleading guilty . Because it is considered as least serious traffic offence by the New Jersey Municipal Court Law. However these traffic offences are categorised according to offence committed & penalised according to the particular jurisdiction of New Jersey Laws. For example, in many jurisdictions, DUI (Driving under the influence) is typically a misdemeanour traffic offence but if it causes major incidents , it could be taken as a serious traffic offence.

Plead Not Guilty : Plead not guilty is the term used in Jurisdiction Law indicates defending the ticket that you have not obligated to traffic offence. You can complete a Plea by Mail form and upload it on Judiciary Electronic Document Submission (JEDS)

Plead Guilty : Plead guilty is the term used in Jurisdiction Law that indicates you agree that you had committed a traffic offence, they may reduce the level of offence.

You can use the Municipal Case Resolution system to plea guilty or plea not guilty via www.njmcdirect.com. Soon the prosecutor may reach out to you to discuss a possible plea deal and give the case resolution as early as possible. But you will have to obey the court’s judgement.


Is driving under the influence (DUI) a serious traffic violation in NJ?

Yes..Drunk driving or driving under the influence is a major traffic violation according to the Motor Vehicle Commission Act. For some less serious offenses you can also plead not guilty in the Municipal Case Resolution system, accessed via www.NJMCDirect.com

How much is the fine for traffic violation in New Jersey Court, USA ?

Based on the violation, the motorist is being penalised based on type of traffic violation (major or minor), where the payment varies always.

I have 9 penalty points on my driving record till now ? Will my licence get suspended ? 

If you get 12 or more penalty points on your current driving record, your driver licence will be suspended. Six or more penalty or demerit points on records remain unpaid, you need to pay your nj surcharge of $150, plus $25 for each penalty point beyond six.

What are the effects of accumulation of more penalty points on your driving record ?

The accumulation of more number of points on your driving record can lead to surcharges, higher insurance premiums, and the suspension of your driving licence. Check NJ Points Schedule for more details.

Does Parking/ Traffic Ticket increase my car insurance policy premium ?

Yess..!! Avoiding the “NJ Ticket Payment” can negatively affect your car insurance premiums. But generally parking ticket typically will not lead to a car insurance premium increase. So we recommend you NJMCDIRECT to search & pay for your NJ traffic/ parking ticket & municipal complaints

Does the nj parking violation ticket stay on your permanent driving record ?

Committing to the parking violation is not a big thing, but paying nj ticket at the right time helps you to maintain a clean driving record.

Does Committing a traffic violation lead to driver licence suspension ?

Based on traffic violation, you comitted the seriousness of the act, the suspension might happen. When dealing with a minor offense, the Municipal Case Resolution system at www.NJMCDirect.com allows you to plead not guilty

I once had a minor offense, and I managed to plead not guilty using the Municipal Case Resolution system ?

You can plead not guilty to some minor offenses through the Municipal Case Resolution system, which is accessible at www.NJMCDirect.com.

I have got multiple tickets ? Can I pay all NJ tickets at once ?

Yes..!! Pay your NJ traffic/ parking tickets on NJMCDirect site, municipal complaints within a certain period of time could face the driver licence suspension temporarily.

How to register a vehicle in New Jersey ?

If you had purchased a vehicle , NJ MVC Appointment Scheduling is necessary for vehicle registration. Read the traffic laws to follow the vehicle registration procedure.

What happens if I  don’t renew my Vehicle registration number?

If you don’t renew your vehicle registration number in NJ, you might face severe consequences under traffic violation and may face Surcharges if noticed, suspension of driver licence etc. But Traffic Laws may vary state to state.

How can the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission can limit traffic violations ?

Traffic monitoring is essential for every state, so the NJ Motor Vehicle Commision should implement a traffic monitoring program as a road safety measure.

Is a Court Appearance required for Speeding Ticket ?

It is mentioned on your traffic citation whether the first or second court appearence is required or not. If it is a parking ticket or speeding ticket you must notice what is printed on the traffic citation.

My Ticket Shows “Court appearance required” ? But I am unable to attend the court on the assigned date ?

You can request court staff to change the court date and assign the new court date by explaining your reasons for not attending.

If the “payment due date” is a weekend or a holiday, how should i make the payment ?

you can make the nj traffic ticket payment online on friday in njmcdirect website itself, in case if the payment due date comes on a weekend or a holiday, but try to visit njmcdirect.com to clear NJ traffic/ parking tickets instead of physical visit to courts.

What if i don’t make the ticket payment before due date ?

If you couldn’t pay your ticket fines on NJMCDirect Website before the payment due date in New jersey, you could accumulate penalty points on driving record that leads to higher NJ surcharge ($150 & more)

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